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Xk-1 vs. Nord Electro 2 REVIEW


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I've searched and read every thread on this subject that this forum has to offer.

I recently got to try the NE2 and XK-1 and XK-3 in the same room through the same speaker system. Here are my conclusions to add to the forum Database for people to read when researching this topic.

Everything that has already been said in the forum topics are completely accurate. Listen to what the people here have to say. Try these boards for yourself to draw real conclusions. That is the only way to really be sure.

That said, here are the highlights from my day. The xk-1 sim is improved over the xk3, and while it is more tweakable, I still think the Electro's is better.

All the stuff that is said about the XK-1's sound being more pure and true to a B3 are correct, but for me it came down to the fact that the electro sounded great to my ears, and that was good enough for me.

All the EP sounds on the NE2 sounded great to my ears, despite what i read on here about some people disliking the Rhodes sounds. They were a big step up from the stock sounds on my RD. They will keep me from buying a SRX12 for at least a little while. The action on the Nord pleased my piano fingers more than the xk-1 did, and I'll probably be able to adjust to it better, or control the Ep's from the RD (organ will be played on waterfall keys only.)

Listen to the keyboard corner. I get the feeling they have been doing this kind of stuff for a while, and really know what they're talking about. It truly does come down to your own preference and what makes you happy.

My conclusion is this: I went in thinking that I would get the Hammond and think that the Nord didn't sound real enough. I was wrong. They both sound great, and the extra sounds on the Nord were enough to persuade me to buy it. I really wanted the Hammond more, if only just to have the name. Common sense did prevail, and I got what I liked most. To quote advice that someone gave me in one of my "what should I buy?" threads, you really can't go wrong with either. Don't stress over it too much. Try both, pick one, and don't double think yourself.

thanks for your time.


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