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Keyboard L+R outs


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Stereo question - I'm running a split on a Roland RD700 SX. Piano on the right, Bass on the left. Split at the C below middle C. If I run the Left and Right outs into separate channels on a Mackie 1202 and hard pan them, does most of the bass come out of the left side? I'm thinking about using different amplification/speaker combinations to handle the different outputs of the keyboard. In other words, a bigger woofer on the bass output side.
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It entirely depends on your setup. If you're running a bass amp on one side, and a full-range amp on the other, and your setup is consistently split bass/piano (or bass/whatever), then you should separate them into discrete outputs.


Of course, if you're using a true stereo rig, then it doesn't make any sense to separate the outputs like this; you would do the discrete output if you're running a "dual mono" setup (for lack of a better description), consisting of a single point for your bass sound and a single point for your piano sound.

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Another thing to consider - bass frequencies are omni directional. I would send the bass to both speakers and use the stereo effect for the higher frequencies though I would not pan anything hard left or hard right.


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sure, you can do that.


In your set up, arrow to that bass 'part ', usually Lower 1 or Lower 2

on the screen


Press edit , see 6, part parameter, press enter, you will see the pan option, try R63.


Your mixer will have to hard left or hard right as well

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