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What does a social darwinist evolve into. . .?


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Excuse me, my spelling again FRACTALS.....


Frank Zappa in his Authentic Autobiography believed that when the mathmatics of FRACTALS where applied to the random meeting of musicians and people that it would somehow connect 2 like minded people or a groups of musicians who thought/played in similiar ways. . . !


Fractal math applied to random probability and like aggregation I guess.


It's in that Red Zappa Autobiography. That struck a nerve, I thought there was always something interesting with how like musicians met. Every notice that weird force behind things sometimes! Or maybe it's just my romanticism about playing.


This link describes the visual forms and some mathmatics connections of Fractals:

Fractal Math and Musicians (w iPods or without iPods)


The Real Frank Zappa - Paperback


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