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On-board effects for rhythms - Roland RD-700sx


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I'm slightly embarassed to ask this, since this seems like it should be a no-brainer... However, I'm finding it impossible to add the on-board effects to the board's "rhythms" (drum patterns). Any advice from rd-700sx users? Just trying to get a little reverb added here...
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I sent you an email saying there isn't a way. It turns out there is.


Go into a SETUP


- Use the cursor button so that the screen heading is TONE not SETUP.

- Press F1 (TONE INFO)

- At the top you see Part #. Change this to 10 (Rhythm patterns use channel 10)

- Change the reverb and chorus settings to your liking.

- Save Setup.


Note, you might have to play with the reverb depth knob and also change the reverb settings for the other instruments to balance out everything.



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