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I am a [Man] seeking a [dvice].


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Get it? Man seeking advice! :confused:


Sorry for the lameness, I had to get you to look at this post somehow.


But I really do need some help...


I've been playing piano for as long as I can remember...not professionally but as a hobby. I am thinking about buying a keyboard, only I'm as confused as can be about what I want. Here are my basic requirements:

  • I want to be able to record a track and then record another on top of that one with or without the first one playing.
  • Then I want to be able to change the voice for any given track after the fact.
  • I'd like to be able to store the data on storage media (computer, flash memory, disk, etc...).
  • I'd like to be able to adjust balance, timbre, chorus, and reverb for each track after recording it.

I guess I'm interested in orchestrating/arranging with a keyboard as the input device.

Any clue as to what I should be searching for? Digital Piano? Digital Keyboard? Personal Keyboard? Stage Piano? MIDI Piano?

Is there a keyboard that does this or should I be looking for a simple keyboard with external controllers/sequencers/etc...?

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Most people accomplish what you are contemplating by using a sequencer and a multi timbral keyboard.


A keyboard workstation (like the Alesis Fusion, Roland Fantom, the Korg Triton and the Yamaha Motif) will have a simple onboard sequencer. Some of us prefer the computer based sequencers (Cakewalk, Pro Tools, Logic, etc.) because of the interface and additional functionality they tend to have.


Try searching on the web for the terms I have mentioned (sequencer, multi timbral, etc) to get a broader perspective. Welcome to the forum. Although you haven't mentioned computers, I'd suggest this article:





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