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Does anyone here have access to a sound designer?


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Please,... does anyone maybe know somebody who maybe knows somebody, and so on, and so on who can help me to get grerat new mixes of my M&P live stuff- B3 EP etc. . It is said ( prolly by the same people who make those really tacky jokes ) we all are acquainted with someone who knows someone, and so on, for perhaps five generations of this, that knows anyone in the world!!

So ALL of us can get in contact with whomever, Paris Hilton or W Bush, or OJ !!! Think of the possibilities?

My goal here is much more modest...

All I want is someone who is really sharp with how to create great sound live, all aspects. I am near LA, so it should be a no brainer, but so far, no luck.



I need help getting a killer sound for live.

The difference between what the most and the least learned people know is inexpressibly trivial in relation to that which is unknown
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I'd suggest connecting with the communities of the people who use the synths you do. Look fo people who are making sounds intensively, perhaps professionally. A person who sells sound banks might be willing to do custom programing for a fee.


For me, "roll your own" is part of the fun of using synths. I realize not everyone feels the same way.



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