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When was the last time you posted an MP3?

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Ok, I´m gonna play... Give a try to [url=http://artists.iuma.com/site-bin/streammp3.m3u?332907]"Déjate Amar" (Let me love you)[/url] . It's a House / Pop tune. It has evolved during the years. Dan South knows one of its first versions. Now that I have all my new toys I decided to remake/remaster my music. If you're not really in the mood for a danceable tune, try an EBM tune (more kinda an electronic rock - techno thing): [url=http://artists.iuma.com/site-bin/streammp3.m3u?220094]Imagino ( I Imagine)[/url] or what's being our new single: [url=http://artists.iuma.com/site-bin/streammp3.m3u?214816]El factor Animal ( The Animal factor )[/url] . This one was in the first "Keyboard Corner Compilation": [url=http://artists.iuma.com/site-bin/streammp3.m3u?90389]Standing in the Rain[/url] . It's also a new version of the original. Love it or leave it... just don't kill me :D

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Khan, I just listened to Vujahdai, I really really dig it. :thu: I'd love to hear that piece played with a real drummer, do you still play it? Coaster, you are a madman ;) Bravo! Here's a [url=http://www.salorlando.com/ics/05-SalOrlando-ICS-NeverSawItComing.mp3]song[/url] I did recently, written and recorded and mixed it in about 2 hours, one of five songs I did that day as part of a composition/recording experiment. It's rough sounding and there's distortion on the vox (first and only take) but it's more like a sketch than a finished product.
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Kahn, I listened to all three tunes... I like Sounds of Spring the best, yet I like all tunes. Gus, I tried all of your tunes but could not get a clean reception on any of them. The player kept cutting out and rebuffering or something. Sounds like they would be pretty good. Sal, I was enjoying the offbeat/off the wall kind of stuff you were playing... BUT.... my kids were screaming in the background to kill it. :D Rick Duke, I don't know if you're in this thread, but I have another mp3 amidst all the rest of these so I am assuming I just missed a link that I had listened to while browsing through these. Either that or the mp3 uses a real name and not the userID of a forum member. I really like the tune Maple Run. Very mellow and laid back. Over all, pretty cool tunes everyone. I have several tunes up on my web site, but none of them are recent additions. I have tons more that I could upload, but I've been waiting to free up the funds to register them in the copyright office prior to placing them online. The link to my catalogue of already online songs is [url=http://www.musicbizbuzz.net/mbb/Inspirationals/whispers.htm]Whispers of Ani`Fa[/url]

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