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Have you ever bought the house down literally


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Have you ever bought the house down literally after a performance.

It seems i have twice.


something happened today that makes me write this.


around 20 odd years ago my original band played in my first truely local gig at the Wentworthville Millers [highway] pub.

Yes it was our local pub.

within spitting distance of my house.


playing a local gig was rather amusing as our agents and manager had never got us into a local pub.


Anyway the friday night gig went great, so great the publican asked us back for the next weeks friday night...quite a compliment we thought.


Well come the wednesday [i think] before the gig, I was driving home to my house past the pub.


to my surprise this rather large Highway pub was completely missing...yes missing within a day or so the pub had been leveled without an even "By your leave"....to put up a stupid Woolworths.

Yes obviously trying to beat the council or the locals complaint..


it was gone and that was it...So I always considered we had brought the house down being the last band to play there as far as we knew.


Well today I heard the Wentworthville RSL Club [returned services league] an Icon of Wentworthville and Sydney in its heyday.


well dad rang me today, saying he could see smoke emanating from the area after hearing the RSL club had been burnt to the ground.


5 years ago the Club went bust and closed its doors overnight...again without A "By your leave".


and Ironically I was in my duo doing a free wednesday afternoon gig to get a Country Music Club we were involved in to get credibilty to put in artists from the club..[the music club had a number of pro musos who held the club together,,we all pitched in to get it somewhere]

Also it was known the RSL club was in difficulty.


We agreed to do the gig for free for the music club but only once...we were asked back to perform again as a payed duo having proven the Music Club had good musos


...but to our surprise that weekend overnight the club closed its doors for ever.


Naturally I thought here we brought the roof down again...


but today 5 years later the club has burnt down literally

As far as I know our duo was the last performers who played at this club


I dont take this as a jinx..tee hee..just one of those wierd things in a musos life...


it was always good to say I had literally brought the house down at two gigs...but it is sad to say that now the Wentwortville RSL club is no longer...probably burnt down by some greedy person...you know what I mean...once its gone there is no going back...damn them.


this was once a Sydney music Icon which did actually supply Sydney;s west with some great bands and a great place for musos to reach an enthusiastic audience...

for even as a kid it supplied me with a place to join an Atheletic club....It served the community [before the greed] and now its gone.


i would hate to think some greedy person has ended its life.


Have you bought the house down ...literally

or an equally stange coincidence.

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update...for those Aussie musos who have played at this venue...tonights news confirms arson suspected.

This angers me...another once fine Sydney venue is gone...forever...and what will developers put there now?


....RIP.....Wenty RSL.

forever competing with Wenty leagues club...but holding your head high.

you gave Sydney Musos so much for such a small venue.

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It is unfortunate when businesses catering to live music disappear because the impact is huge.


Folks lose jobs, owners have to rebuild or rebound, musicians have to find other places to play and patrons lose an estabishment.


Let's hope that live music will remain viable, folks will support it and hopefully, entrepreneurs and investors will relocate or build something new.



"The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return."--E. Ahbez "Nature Boy"

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In 1972 or so I lost a B3 and a Leslie in a club fire. I spoke with the fire department afterwards and they suspected arson - Italian lightening (mob related) as it was commonly referred to at the time. This club was either in Trenton, NJ or just above Trenton; I've forgotten the name.

No guitarists were harmed during the making of this message.


In general, harmonic complexity is inversely proportional to the ratio between chording and non-chording instruments.


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In 1994 (I think) my band was supposed to do a Fri and Sat night at a local dive in Kansas City called Sharks. Friday morning the local news was reporting that the roof caved in over night due to old age and structural defects.

They tore the place down and Sharks was no more!

Bill Zerbe

Albuquerque, NM

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In 1972 or so I lost a B3 and a Leslie in a club fire.
Oh Man...I'm so sorry. That even hurt me. I remember right around that same year a club burnt down that I use to work sometimes and everyone in the band had red Kustom amps. The day after the fire we all went to take a look and it looked like a bunch of burnt hotdogs on stage. It's still funny in my minds eye.
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Originally posted by AUSSIEKEYS:

jez bluzkeys

lucky you guys were not in it.

I know!! I don't live in KC anymore but when I go back to visit family and run into some of my old bandmates, we still talk about "the one that almost got us!!" The music gods were definitely watching over us on that one.


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Bill Zerbe

Albuquerque, NM

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something similar

by coincidence last night on a TV show called Police files was a huge tanker fire in Australia.

It reminded me of another incident similar to yours Bluzkeys but not at all a risk as yours was.


A tanker had tipped over in a street and was engulfing a shop with flats in it ..8 people were trapped and rescued by the brave rescuers.

Well that looked like the crash in Kogarah years ago.{I believe I recognise the footage and the local interviewed as I had paid special interest in the first screening at the time]


The week before we had played the pub on the corner...10 t0 3 oclock .I forget the name..it was well know..a late night dive.


this was a large intersection...

the next week we heard on the news that this tanker had gone over engulfing a building...at first we thought the pub we had just played at was engulfed but it was actually the other side of the road..and it was out of hours time too...so not a real close call so to speak but another wierd coincidence in a musos life.

For days after we were saying we could have been there then....but it was across the intersection and the pub is still there


I realise now how many stange things have happened to me in my carreer.Its coming back now.

I guess the more times you perform the more wierd things can happen.

Like playing on New Years eve up in our Blue Mountains in a tiny little pub..The Lawson Hotel while the girls toilets were overflowing ..yes overflowing under our feet and between our leads...and as the night got on the stupid girls dancing in front started paddling in it...thats when I covered my keyboard with a towel.

Yes strange things.

did I want to remember that one?

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Not the same thing, but...


I hired riggers to move a piano out of an old 3 decker. They used what's called blue rigging, a system that attaches to a window frame. When they pushed the piano off the window sill, you could hear the 2x4s snapping as the wall bowed out. They got the piano to the ground safely, but the house was trashed. I used cranes after that.

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yea I know Im sounding like.....


"there was this one time at band camp"


but i remember the last New Years Eve I played before I gave up live playing when we had reached our last set and my partner was singing "Hit Me with Your Best Shot".


Half way thru the song a guy started punching the crap out of his mates ....they had been listening to the song,watching her throw a few air punches and obviously started saying drunkenly to each other "go on..hit me with your best shot".


Well it was on for one and all at this table...I calmly announced over the mic for security..as security arrived we launched into our next song ironically entitled "Hurts so Good."


sorry it comes back to me

and the thread is taking on the flavour of strange things that happen to musos so go on share any strange event that has happened to you thru being involved in music...


its funny once you start thinking....all the wierd things resurface.

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