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Hammond XK-1 help


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The presets you can access via the panel buttons like "2", "3", "4"...


They are:


-1: Cancel (canceled drawbars)

-2: Jimmy,

-3: Hi&Low,

-4: Warmth (Jimmy with OverDrive)

-5: Groove

-6: Funky

-7: Purple (ChildinTime-like)

-8: Funky2

-9: Full Tibias

-10: Full Organ

-11: Full Church


Let me try to see if I can explain the programmable slots easely... To access other presets, press "Bank" and click on the numbers, to access other registrations. I'll explain it later, with more time.


See ya!

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Welcome Muttley,

I have an XK-3 and have been having just as much trouble with it. I'm slowly getting there after repeatedly reading the manual - one of the guy's on here JJMcS seems to know it the best and he reckons you've got to read it at least 3 times cover to cover.


On the XK-3 (and I'm sure on the Xk-1) there are more than the presets listed above. You should have a separate sheet listing all 132. You access them by banks (the above would be the C bank). Hold down the bank button and press a preset key. The preset does not seem to change until you then press another preset key while not holding down the bank key. hope that makes sense.


I like to move it, move it (except The Wurly which can be a bit temperamental and the 122 for obvious reasons)
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I still read the manual once in a while just to see if I've missed/forgotten something. Maybe I got used to reading manuals written in "Japlish" (I don't mean that as an insult) in my previous career. The manuals were originally written in Japanese and then translated into English by someone who probably had the equivalent of a couple years of high school English. The problem is we tend to try to translate what is written into a format we are more comfortable with and we get confused. The Japanese tend to write exactly what they mean but it doesn't get translated well.


If you press the Bank buttton, the LED for the currently selected Bank will light up (it looks like they are the same LED's as the presets). So if you have preset 7 selected and you want to know which Bank is currently being used, you press the Bank button and the current Bank will light up (say for example Bank 5). So LED 7 is lit, you press the Bank button and 7 turns off and 5 lights up. If you want to change to Bank 3, Preset 9, You press and hold the Bank button and press the preset/#3 button. Release both buttons. Now you are in bank three. Press the Preset/#9 button and you are now in Bank three using preset 9.


Say you want to edit that patch and save it to Bank 2 Preset 9. Make whatever changes you want. Press and hold the Bank button and press #2. Now you are in Bank two. To record your changes to preset 9, press and hold the Rec/Jump button and press #9. One thing to remember is that when you copy a preset from one bank to another, in addition to the parameters for that particular preset you also copy all the Bank parameters from the original bank to the bank you copied the preset to.


Good Luck.

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Hi Jim,

I guessed you'd come up with the definitive answer, i just wanted to have a go first. :)


Which parameters are the bank parameters? The manual refers to parameters with the name (P) on the tail being preset parameters - is this the same thing?



I like to move it, move it (except The Wurly which can be a bit temperamental and the 122 for obvious reasons)
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Usually the parameters have either a (P)reset a (B)ank or a (G)lobal after the name of the parameter. There are some places where there is just a note on the right side of the page or a line on the bottom. Usually the notes are in bold print.
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