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Finally saw S90 on TV


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... ya I know big deal, but It was a pleasant change from always seeing that big ole' silver ES8 everywhere ...


I know there's not too many country fans here but it was Blake Sheltons keyboard player, on the Jeff Foxworthys Big night out show on CMT ...right now.


On top the keyboard player had what looked like a 61 key 'something or other',... All I saw was "X2"... didnt see the 'brand'.


And yes Im almost positive it was not the ES,.... but it might have been.... trying to see the darn keyboards on tv is always like trying to spot a needle in a heystack.....


It almaost seems like the camera guys are always doing everything they can NOT to show the keyboard player, and especially the keyboard he's using .... I freaking hate that.....

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I had the opportunity to do a little work (commercial) with Brad Paisley...and his keyboard player is blindingly fast and creative...no big fancy rig....just one Yamaha electric piano...most country bands use a Yamaha of one sort or another...heck, George Strait's guy is using the board that preceeded the S90. And these guys can afford anything.

Probably the best keyboard work being done in commerical music is being done in Country. The level of Nashville musicianship is of the very highest caliber...there is no way you can buy a Country CD and not have great keyboard work no matter what artist you choose.

But the work on Paisley's "Time Well Wasted" CD is unreal. And the one instrumetal piece - hard to believe it is being played in real time.

Anyway, see any Country video's or concert and it is almost exclusively Yamaha of one kind or another.

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