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Hammond XK1 build quality issues


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My almost new XK-1 has a few niggling problems and I wondered if anyone else has experienced similar issues, list as follows to date:


1. V1/C1 tab not working unless pressed really hard


2. Play button not working unless pressed really hard


3. When switching the power on, it takes a random amount of time to become fully functional. Sometimes it's instantaneous, other times longer than 30 seconds. I'm aware the XK1 has protection circuits for the Leslie hook-up but this behaviour seems too haphazard for it to be that.


My gut feel is a faulty board/shifted board that the case switches are not contacting properly.


Look forward to hearing from you.


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the buttons on mine are ok. start up times are consistent.


the only issue i have with the build is that the casing below the keybed vibrates buzzes when playing with enthusiasm! My solution was to but a block of rubber (pencil eraser) between the xk1 and my stand.


the board oozes a feeling of quality in my opinion.

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