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Kurzweil or Yamaha


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I've been looking into getting a good Keyboard/Workstation for a while now. I've liked a lot of different ones but I think my favorites have been the Yamaha Motif, Roland Fantom and Kurzweil K2600 (allthough I've only used an old K2500) I've pretty much narrowed my search to either the Kurzweil or the Yamaha, but I still don't know!! A new K2600 is pretty pricey, is it worth it? Or should I just get a Motif?



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Phil, welcome to the forum!


I see this is your first post. I've posted over 5000 times and never started a poll.


Have you thought of first reading through a bunch of posts before starting a poll. Just a thought.

No guitarists were harmed during the making of this message.


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What criteria weeded out the Fantom?


Have you played the Motif and K2600?


Which one feels right under your fingers and sounds good to your ears?


As DH suggested, checking the X files (threads) here will provide plenty o'pinions. :cool:



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Originally posted by soundscape:

Originally posted by philzoo14:

A new K2600 is pretty pricey, is it worth it?

Yes, it's worth it. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, though.
I agree, and FWIW I actually prefer the key action on my K2600 a little more to that of my Oasys. For me, the K2600 feels more like playing on a Steinway grand, and the Oasys feels more like playing on a Kawai. I love both, but I prefer the feel of the prior (as I mentioned earlier). :D
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Have you thought of first reading through a bunch of posts before starting a poll. Just a thought. [/QB]
Yes, and I have. However, I haven't found everything I was looking for. Which of these boards would you say has the best acoustic piano sound? As I said before I have only played on a K2500, never a K2600. I enjoyed the K2500, and I've always liked Kurzweil, but I have used the Motif much more and I've always liked Yamaha too (which makes it a hard decision) Unfortunantly, I don't have access to a K2600, and I probablly won't anytime soon, so an AB is out of the question.


As for weeding out the Fantom, the action feels a little heavy to me, and I would like to have sliders rather than knobs, and a ribbon rather than that D-beam (allthough it is pretty cool) Most importantly, I just don't think that the Roland sound is what I want.

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DO you prefer a corvette or Mustang? Same kind of question. It comes down to your own prefernce. Whichever piano sound, sounds better to you, that's the one to get. Everyone will have an opinion one way or the other but in the end its only yours that matters.

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You're getting good information from this board. I concur with Silver Dragon: it's a very subjective call; there is no right or wrong or best answer. The folks on this board are experienced enough to say that. You won't see a "buy product xxx, because product yyy sucks" kind of thing here, because those are ridiculous statements. :)


If you're looking for ideas, I can give you my two cents. I've posted similar comments on other threads here, so hopefully I'm not boring anyone.


For me, it came down to comparing the Roland RD-700SX and the Yamaha S90ES. They both have a very good variety of sounds, like piano, Rhodes-esq elec. pianos, organs, etc. To cut to the chase, I preferred the Yamaha S90 ES. It has a very good acoustic piano patch, I preferred the action slightly, and it's a stronger synth. It is a bit more invovled to figure out how to use though.


The one bit of advice I do give is this: I would never purchase a keyboard without playing it extensively first, and without comparing it by playing others that are in the same category, to get a sense of which one feels and sounds right for me.


Unfortunately, that is becoming more difficult to do these days, because music stores don't seem to be carrying inventory like they used to. With people increasingly purchasing keyboards over the Internet, why should a store carry stock for people to try - only to see them not purchase it at their store. I in fact did purchase the S90 ES from the store I played it at, in part as a "reward" of sorts, for them having it in stock and set up to evaluate along with many other keyboards so I could do "comparison shopping". The price was what seems to be the going rate at this time, $2099, but I ended up paying PA state sales tax. It was worth it, to know that I bought the right board for me.


I hope this helps.



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You probably have already done this but make sure you play these boards through the same amp/speaker system , not just headphones. Even better , my local music shop has let me take a keyboard home for a weekend so I can try it at a gig ( they have known me for a number of years) . Good luck.
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Yeah, for all-around and most recent sounds: Yamaha


In my opinion, Yamaha has the best OVERALL sounds (if you don't count the Korg OAYSIS).


But if you want orchestral instruments, go with the Roland Fantom and get some SRX Expansion boards. You'll be satisfied enough with the nylon guitar sounds, but the World, and Orchestral String SRX's are amazing. A must have for Roland users.

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How about the best of BOTH worlds:


Option 1: Kurzweil K2600 with Motif Rack

Option 2: Yamaha with a PC2R Rack


Little more $$$ but you got the best of both. Then it really does come down to which FEELS the best ... and which would I PLAY the most. Good luck. Good info from all the above!


:D and Welcome to the Forum!

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Thank you for all the replies. I know it's like comparring apples and oranges, I only wanted to see what other peoples thought, I'm not asking any of you to choose *MY* keyboard. I guess my issue is that I like both of these companys very much. I've always had Yamaha keyboards, in fact that's all I've ever owned, and I've always been happy with Yamaha's sounds. On the other hand, it might be nice to change it up and try something from another company.


I've also thought maybe I should just wait and see what's next for these companys. The boards I'm looking at are rather old, so I'm sure something new is going to be coming up.

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