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mLAN16E with S90ES - discontinued


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No issue, just curious if that interface works well and its easy to operate along with its software.

I'm buying S90ES and since there is no sequencer on board, I'd need something like that I guess.

Is this really allows you to capture audio (wav) directly from keyboard to laptop without any other connections? Also can be used for soft synth audio interfacing?


♫♫♫ motif XS6, RD700GX
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I installed an mLan16e in my S90ES shortly after buying the board last year, and although I don't disagree with anything forceman says, my personal experience has been anything but "easy." You may want to spend a little time reviewing the forum at http://www.mlancentral.com to get a sense of some of the issues with mLan, because you'll need good technical skills (and probably a healthy dose of patience) to get everything up and running smoothly.


I'm a relative beginner to computer sequencing, and that certainly contributed to my steep learning curve (a curve I'm still on, by the way), but I know that my frustration with mLan was not a unique experience.


Good luck!




P.S. I was running the mLan on Windows XP with Sonar 4.

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Originally posted by delirium:

I did search on mLAN16E and din't get much,

anybody is using this interface succesfuly?

Looks to me that mLAN16E with laptop can turn S90ES into fantom X :D




btw It would be nice record audio without the use of sound card on a computer.

I too use an S90ES with mLan 16E. While it is not a necessary add on, it is convenient when recording with a laptop, although there are problems galore with setup. You'll also soon discover the benefits in using both the 01X mixer and i88X port expander, which will add another $1200 or so to your setup costs.


However, once fully equipped and configured, it's hard to beat this setup for the price.


All of the Keyfax forums have a wealth of practical information. Start at sninety.com.




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Looks like there are really some issues with setup,

but is this because of yamaha un-human style or becasue od problem with that card/interface or drivers. BTW, is that interface popular and alive only in yamaha world?

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Now, I didn't say setting it up was easy..




As I have posted here before, have routing knowledge is very helpful configuring MLan on the computer interface.


I just wanted to point out you could simultaneously transmit (and receive) multiple audio and MIDI over one firewire.

Steve Force,

Durham, North Carolina


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I wanted today to order mLan16E for my S90ES, but

"my music store" didn't have it in stock so they called yamaha to order but they said this card is discontinued, and I can get some C stock if I want. There will be probably some 1 last shipment

of new ones in January and that's it...

New workstation is coming out in January with some interface probably build in, interesting.

I wander when Roland will discountinue his SRX cards.

♫♫♫ motif XS6, RD700GX
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I have an original S90. There was mLAN for it for a short while but was discontinued. The mLAN spec was redone and they never introduced a compatible card for the orignal S90.


mLAN has struggled as a "standard" and has little support outside of a few products. If you own it and it works for you, great. Otherwise, don't lose any sleep over it. Whether what the music store told you is true or not wouldn't matter to me. I don't see mLAN as the kind of technology I'd want to invest in moving forward.


Roland has been very successful with the SRX boards. There's little reason to see why they wouldn't continue expanding their library.



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mLan was one of the big steps that ultimately led to me selling my Motif ES8. Once I finally got mLan working on my computer and Motif and actually understood how to use it (no small feat), I realized that the signal to noise ratio was no better than hooking up regular audio cables. So what's the point? All that extra money and work just to cram everything through one cable, and no better SNR for the effort?


I got MUCH better SNR's by dumping my Motif ES8/mLan setup and switching over to softsynths, not to mention better sound quality, a better visual interface, a better sequencer, a better workflow etc.

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