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merging of sounds from multiple keyboards vs Nord Stage


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Originally posted by Ironstorm:

Hi suraci thanks again for the message. Question what do you think of the nord rackmount lead the $799.00 one on sweetwater.com do you think this will overlay synth sounds nicely.



I am sorry, I have no experience with Clavia products, other than this really cool Stage. Hope things are well.
The difference between what the most and the least learned people know is inexpressibly trivial in relation to that which is unknown
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Originally posted by suraci:

We are little by little making progress here. First Nord is not multi timbral then it is multitimbral, fine fine. i don't care so much about Nord's disability to control other outboard sounds because I still have a hunch this thing does so well with what it does do! Say that 3200 times, times Pi and call me in the morning for your next mantra.


Oh yes, M TaurusT, how can I be against Bush but "for" a Mercury Cougar? Or love a Mercedes and dislike Hitler? What does Swedishness have to do with the price of shekels on Pluto? According to my view, one's birthplace has little to do with their likes and dislikes, or their talents, or their sensitivities. Make sense? I like Nord you seem to not, fair? Do you like watching baseball, i could care less about the professional version of the American pastime, though it is fun to play.

Somehow I think you already know all this, so what's up?


Sweden. A Smiley means usually that something shouldnt be taken too seriously.


I love the Nord leads myself and own one. But it's all personal preference and where you use it for, no matter how you put it.

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I suspect the Nord Stage is absolutely unique in its ability to combine its M&P sounds better than any kb in my experience.


Yamaha has excellent EP's as does Nord. But Nord has a superior B3 to all the Big 4 workstations. maybe that excellent B3 is part of the answer. But I suspect there is more to it. I am still waiting for someone in the community to lend their expert knowledge.


Combining an EP with an Ac Pia. Adding the excellent B3 to this, or adding the synth to that, and or the excellent effects.


Bottom line, it Mixes its OWN SOUNDS, creating unique mixes of the M&P sounds, better than anything I have ever experienced. It is a must have keyboard. This is based partly n my experience, partly on a friends experience, and partly on some of the comments in this thread.


When i have tried to create my own layered sounds, they never sound as good as the presets in the Big 4 as well as the Nord Stage. But the big difference between the Nord and the Big 4, is this. The very high percentage of times I can create MY OWN combinations, layers etc, is unique to the Nord (and probably the OASYS). No other keyboards have such a high success rate of owner-created ( that would be me) layers, combis, set ups, uniquely so, and on the fly. Only on this ax do I feel more able to be an instant sound designer. Am I making sense? My thing is music not sound design and not writing words!!!

Thanks for asking

The difference between what the most and the least learned people know is inexpressibly trivial in relation to that which is unknown
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