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Songs featuring Rhodes -- RE: Blumunk


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Further to Blumunk's request re: Rhodes suggestions....


Well then (Blumunk), i guess it's a bit tricky for it mainly depends on what genre of music your friend really enjoys, i say so because the Rhodes has quite a few derivatives eg 73 key and 88 key models, mark 2- 3 etc hence can produce quite varied sounds and also depending primarily on the music genre it's used in & of course, the individual artist's keyboard style of play (eg you'll almost always know a Herbie Hancock session). It's akin to that saying of different people wearing a particular garment but that item somehow looking different on each wearer.

If your friend is a Jazz lover then wow! he/ she will have the most options. I could list a hundred songs here but let me just slide in a handful of my PERSONAL favorites (though most are of the Jazzy nature)... Herbie Hancock -- Actual proof, Takehiro Honda -- Fa na la ku, Michael Franks (featuring Joe Sample on the Rhodes)-- I don't know why i'm so happy i'm sad, Dave Matthews -- Sambafique, Donny Hathaway -- Valdez in the Country and there's some serious beating up of the Rhodes on Gil Scott Heron/ Brian Jackson's "Song for Bobby Smith" (Winter in America album 1st version) and this same album by Heron & Jackson also features the Rhodes being played at the most basic level on "Your Daddy loves you"... You know what? i think both of you should try the online radio station dedicated to the Fender Rhodes (and the Wurlitzer) keyboard at http://www.contraplex.demon.co.uk/radio.html and then also check out an album recently released and dedicated to the same instrument, it's called 'Hit the Rhodes Jack' on Amazon.com

For the not so Jazz inclined , then maybe the mention of names such as Steely Dan, Frank Zappa, Elton John, The Beatles (Let it be) and even Michael Jackson (Thriller) as artists who've at one point or the other in their musical careers played/sanctioned (the use of) the Rhodes on their albums will give the instrument some more recognition and respect..laughs. Anyway, Hope this helps ALL? Feel free to mail as i have quite an extensive collection of FR tunes/ albums & recommendations.




PS: Also try Labi Siffre's "I got the" (directly sampled by Dr Dre for Eminem's hugely successful rap intro, "My name is..." ) now that's the Rhodes making a sweet appearance on the RnB tip.



Originally posted by BluMunk:

I'm trying to pull together a collection of songs that feature the Fender Rhodes for a friend of mine, who recently discovered the sound. Anyone have any good suggestions?


All I can think of off the top of my head is Bloody Well Right by Supertramp (that is a Rhodes, yes?).

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