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using Chevin Research Amp with synth


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Hello All ... I have a Kurzweil K-2500 synth that I am running through a graphic EQ, a Chevin Research A-500 Linear Amplifier, and a pair of EV SX80 speakers .. I think the speakers are the weak link ... my question is if I get significantly better speakers will I be able to get significantly increased volume, bass response, all with a clear, clean sound ? what speakers would folks recommend ? dbelmont2@yahoo.com
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CLONK for Chevin Research Amps



EV sx80





Welcome to The Keyboard Corner.


You're running a Kurzweil K2500 with a 200 watt per channel (8 ohms) power amp into a 2-way speaker with a 8" woofer?


You do indeed need a larger woofer if you're going to get any improvement in bass. I like a 15" woofer. Others here prefer a 12" woofer. Hi LearJeff :wave:



I'm using a pair of EAW FR153 3-way speakers:






I love 'em.


However, they may be more than you want - especially coming from a speaker with an 8" woofer.


EAW also makes a 2-way speaker, the FR129z :





With a great synth like the K2500, plus a decent power amp - like the one you own, you need a good-sounding pair of speakers to do justice to your sound. I love the EAW products. They are professional speakers, built for touring.


In fact, there are lots of great speakers on the market. Your best bet is to audition various pairs in the store and pick the pair that sounds best to you, and is within your budget.


My EAW speakers are pretty heavy and cumbersome. They were meant for permanent installation (they don't have handles). However, the new models - FR153z - do have handles. For a sound reinforcement speaker, they sound very smooth. The midrange driver in a 3-way system takes much of the work away from the woofer and the compression driver to project the mids, as needed, and keep the highest frequencies routed to the compression driver. This speaker uses a wave guide instead of a horn assembly, which makes the final sound that much smoother.


Go listen to some speakers. They all sound different from one another. I'm sure you'll find a pair that fits your needs.


Good luck.



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I've given a lot of thought about replacing my speakers. I know a lot of people that look down on the Peavey name. But, I set them up every gig, they work perfectly every gig, they still look good after over 9 years of banging them around, and with a 15" Scorpian and a horn in each, they sound exactly the way I want them to with no EQ needed. Nice tight bass response, clear midrange, and shimmering highs. Plus they have a carpet type covering and metal grills and corners to prevent dings, a handle for carrying, and they're light enough to carry both at once. The only thing I've had to replace on them was the rubber feet. With my Crown power amp I get all the sound I need to compete with 2 guitar players. And I've never once heard then distort.


I agree with Gas. Get some better speakers with minimum 12", but 15" would be better. Your sound might seem a bit bottom heavey for a bit, but after you get used to the difference, you'll love the sound.

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the chevin is a serious amp dude... way cool stuff.. as a different approach ya might want to consider adding a sub to the existing set up... i'm currently using jbl mr410's for top boxes and add ev 15L's for the bottoms ( in a generic TL cab) my power is all crown and the crossover is DBX...
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