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rent a studio(urgent)


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I got a big project which have to be composed some background music. And I've just sold my equipments. So I want to rent a studio,actually I just want to use the keyboard(Yamaha Motif ES ideally) in it.


Does anybody know where I can go to.And what's the price?

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The first part of of cliffk's post suggested checking the newspapers for local studios.


Not sure of how it works in the UK but there are places in the US that will let you rent the keyboard itself.


Good luck and welcome to the forum. :cool:



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Originally posted by Anny:

oh,thanks.I'm not going to buy the Motif,I just want to know the rate of the studio rental.

If you only need the keyboard, I'm not sure why you need the studio as well. Is it to actually record the music you'll be creating on the Motif?


If you truly only need the keyboard, and have your own way to capture the end result audio, you could always rent (I believe the term is "hire" in the Queen's English ;) ) the keyboard from one of the music stores in London, and do the music creation at home.


Either way, it will more than likely be much less expensive to produce the music at home, where you're not paying an hourly rate, then take it into a studio to lay it down to tape/DAW quickly once it's ready to record.


Of course, if my assumptions are incorrect... well, you didn't really give us too much to go on in your posts, so... blah.

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