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Help! with keyboard midi to computer recording


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Help!! Novice here and having a very frustrating problem. Hopefully someone out there can help. I'm a member of a trio where we have been recording our accompaniments into the Korg SP500 memory. We are beginning to run out of memory and also feel it would be easier to fine tune the data using Cakewalk Home Studio 4 and then sequence it direct from the laptop.


The problem is that the only thing that is being transmitted by the Korg is "note events". Other events such as instrument,pan,volume,etc. are not being recorded. I have tried every setting in the Korg and Cakewalk that I can think of, including some I was sure wouldn't work. Ive done some testing with my cheapy Yamaha PSR510 and also with my Roland TD6 drum/sound module using a demo song and all works great. At the beginning of each track, Program and Control events are recorded. We also borrowed a PSR3000 for a few hours and it failed the same way but had limited time to go over the millions of settings it has.


Recording direct from the Korg to Cakewalk using auto acc. also fails. I went into the song data in the keyboard to edit events and couldnt find them there either but they are obviously stored somewhere. When we play back from Cakewalk if we have that particular song dialed up in the Korg display it plays back fine. Korg support has been useless and just gives me a brush off. Have been waiting days now for a call back.


Has anyone else ever tried this (recording from keyboard to computer using auto acc.)?


Anyone know of a good sounding keyboard that will definitely do this?


Could it have anything to do with the way we originally recorded it into the keyboard memory? I suspect this could have been the problem with the PSR3000 but can't seem to find anything in the Korg settings that might make a difference.


Sorry for the long post but trying to cover as many bases as possible. Have spent many hours of reading, research, and testing on this. Thanks for any help.

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Originally posted by rockinprof:

The problem is that the only thing that is being transmitted by the Korg is "note events".

This is probably true. Just because a device has MIDI doesn't mean much of anything will be utlized by the manufacturer.


Use the program from midiox.com to see what's being sent via MIDI.

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I checked the midiox site. Tried to understand exactly what it does. I'm already quite positive the info is not being transmitted by the keyboard. Now a program that converts the sysex file of the song dump would be handy. Best I understand is that these files are only good for restoring the info back to the keyboard.

I searched the internet for SP500 definition files but found nothing. I think we are the only people in the world using this keyboard. I don't think they would help. If I understand correctly, they are primarily for assigning a patch when outputing from Cakewalk to the keyboard When recording, the keyboard should be transmitting that info to Cakewalk.

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