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volume pedal boss FV 50 H


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I am using a Nord Electro 61 for Organ and Piano, and a Korg TR 61 for Piano, brass strings etc.

I am presently using a Roland volume pedal for organ, on the NE 61 which is fine, and I am waiting for the local Korg dealer to get hold of the EXP 2 for the TR as mentioned in the Guide book.

I was just given a 2 input 2 output BOSS FV50 H. Does any one know if this can


A: be used with the Korg TR

B: if A is ok, can I use it for the NE 61 at the same time as the Korg with these double input/ outputs , as a volume pedal,

C: should I stick with a separate pedal for each unit


This unit is deifferent than the Roland I am using with the Nord Electro, as the Roland has a single plug in to the keyboard, as a controller, whereas this unit must be plugged in between the keyboard and the amplifier,.( it has an In out plug.



I would appreciate any comments on this.



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The FV50H is a stereo volume pedal, in that it takes the outputs from an instrument, and alters the volume at the output of the pedal. You can use it with any keyboard that has audio outputs.


So yes, you can use it with the Korg.


You could also use it in tandem with the Nord, but you'll have to run both keyboards in mono, one input/output pair per keyboard.


The downside to this is that, if you reduce the volume, both keyboards will be reduced; this may not be what you want (i.e. if you're playing piano on the Korg and organ on the Nord, reducing the volume of the organ sound will also reduce the volume of the piano.


So, technically speaking, yes you can use the single pedal for both keyboards, in mono. However, it would be incredibly limiting, and not necessary, given that you have a "volume" (actually, an expression) pedal for your Nord already.


Hope this helps.

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Originally posted by ELLIOTT S:

Thank you for your detailed response. I was also worried about a compatability issue.

That is because each manufacturer reccommends their own accessories.

That's how manufacturers maximize profits; the accessories have much wider profit margins (the same is true in practically every industry).


Now, that being said, there are some compatibility issues (i.e. the Roland pedal you have for your Nord will not work properly on a Korg or Yamaha synth, as the range on the internal potentiometer is different than those keyboards expect/need to properly control the synth). However, you're dealing with controlling an audio signal, which is completely independent of the manufacturer of the synth generating it. You're good to go. :thu:

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