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normal for speaker to making cracking/popping noises?


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hi guys, i am using a jbl eon 15p which i have had for a week, when on it makes little noises fairly regularly. They are very soft but easily noticeable in an otherwise quiet room. Is this normal? I am very new to this stuff and thought it would be a good idea to ask here before i speak to the place i bought it.

Thanks to anyone who can help me out :)

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It would be normal if you were playing a CD of a recording of bacon being fried and I would guess that is not the case.


Speakers are a passive device so any noise being sent to them will come from somewhere else. Since the speakers are new, I'd take them back. (You system is a powered speaker system I know.)


You can sometimes have the same problem if you are using a mic with a 1/4" jack. If the mixer has phantom power that combination of the mic, cable and phantom power wil also give you ticks and pops.


If nothing is plugged into the powered speakers do you still have the noise? Is it possible that the noise is electrical interference caused by something else - machinery or lights being turned on and off? Have you ruled out everything else? Just a few thoughts.

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Try switching the hidden switch (mic/line signal) next to the volume control. You will need a pen or a tooth pick to push it in and out. I found the used EON 10 I bought just needed a little tuner cleaner on that switch to stop the crackle.



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