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I have become aware of a guy named [url=http://www.paulthorn.com]Paul Thorn[/url] and he is EXACTLY the type of writer/artist that I was looking for. I had asked a friend, "Who do you know that has really catchy or witty lyrics?" He mentioned Paul Thorn and also Terry Allen. I haven't found anything by Terry Allen yet but Paul Thorn, man, this guy is a TRIP. He is a fantastic writer. Funny as hell. I highly recommend him. I just ordered a couple of CDs. If you guys know anyone else along the lines of Paul Thorn, let me know. Another guy who I like as much is Charlie Robison. Loudon Wainwright III is good. Lyle Lovett. But this Paul Thorn guy takes the prize so far for having some really well-written humorous songs. He also has some "serious" songs. I sure hope a guy like this "makes it." He is VERY interesting. He even was a boxer and fought Roberto Duran.

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Hey Livemusic.I think from your list of artists that you must have listened to some Robert Earl Keen along the way.REK has covered a couple of Terry Allen songs.Amarillo Highway is one,and there is one on the Gravitational Froces album,I can't think of the name of the tune on that one.I burned a copy of one of Terry Allens cds.But I don't know the title.It's s goodun.Here's some more names for ya to check out....Adam Carrol,Bill Pekar and Brian Burns. :thu:
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