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PC2 programming - Help! I'm a dope.

Steve in KS

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I'm slowly catching on to programming this thing but between my low vision, impatience and manual obviously written by a sadist, I can't figure out how to:

Assign expression control to my expression pedal for a program.

The expression pedal works for internal sounds which have it properly assigned. I just can't figure out how to get to amenu allowing me to do this.

I'm in setups mode with the zone I want to affect active.

What next?



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With your zone selected and soloed so you can clearly hear what you're doing, press on Controllers under the Zone parameters section, then scroll up to Pedal 1 and choose MIDI 07 or MIDI 11 for Ctrl Num (of course assuming your control pedal is plugged into pedal 1).


Remember to also use a positive offset value around +50 for this, since MIDI 07 and 11 give a rather drastic response if used at 100%. More importantly, make sure you assign 127 for the Exit value so you don't end up with a silent MIDI channel on the next set-up or program change. Save your set-up.


For reference, the page 5-15 in your manual explains the CC parameters. :wave:

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