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Looking for reliable Info on Uprights

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I am looking for an upright Piano in Chicago for my kids, and maybe even myself. So far, I have visited one store and felt Pramberger, Remington, and Young Chang. I liked the sound of the Young Chang, and the sound of studios best. Today, I will go to another store to check out used Kuwai, and Yamaha. I've also found a website that seems very reputable with used Kuwai, Yamaha, and Young Changs for sale.


I've done about two weeks of research, and have decided that I will either by a used M302 Yamaha for $1500 as is from a local seller, or I am considering a KUWAI, YAMAHA, or Young Chang for a higher price w/warranties.


I don't like buying cheap, and taking risks. But, both sides have risks. For example, what if my kids decide not to continue playing? I don't want to buy a piano without a warranty that could become a headache either.


I do know I should pay for a technician to look at anything used before buying. My budget is max$4K, ANY IDEAS?

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