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whats the difference between serial and adb?

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i just bought ANOTHER MAC. (oh no they say, ANOTHER mac? OMG) "why did you buy ANOTHER MAC, coast?" uh, weeeell, because neither my PC or my main MAC can run this old, obsolete system 7.x software. i absolutey love the app called CECILIA. i realise NONE of you use this let alone have even HEARD of it but its a C-SOUND compiler that attempts to run in real time AND you can build you own GUI for it so once you get the code right, you dont need to see the code. you can make eq's, delays, pitch shifters, time warpers, ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF. CECILIA is absolutey the BOMB for do-it-yourself plugin building. problem? it dont run in os9.x CRASH CITY mainmac HAS to run os9.x because digi TROLLTOOLS needs it. gotta have another machine if ya wanna run cecilia without restarting into another OS. *another reason: supercollider is another THEBOMB BOMB BUILD YOUR OWN ANYTHING SOUND MANIPULATION APP. if you dot know what SUPERCOLLIDER is, you should find out. thats all i am going to say. if i have another machine, i can run supercollider as a RTAS (ha ha) plug in. anyway, so i bought a 7300/200 for $19. 32mb ram, no hard drive, no keyboard, no mouse. i have plenty of old 50pin HD around here, and i can put 256MB ram in for $50, and a g3/400 cpu for about $100. so i would basically have another 8600-g3/400 like i got but without the onboard video shit. so i have another $3500 machine for under $200. thats soo fucked up. anyway my original question: i have a VGA switch box, so i can have 4 comps hooked up to 1 monitor. solved! i dont have another keyboard or mouse for this thing, but i do have an old serial switch box. i dont use it anymore, i used to, but no longer need it. is serial the same as adb? they sure look the same. can i use the old serial box to switch keyboards/mice between macs? i dont have the "new" mac yet so i cant try it, should be here in a week. anyone got an old g3/400 cpu for sale :D
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