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Wiring for different leslies?


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Hey all,


On an ebay auction for a Hammond M3, one of the prospective buyers sent in this question:


Q: Is the six pin wired for 122 or 147?


A: 147. Thanks.


I thought a six pin connector would be a general six pin connector that could work between the organ and any six pin Leslie. Am I wrong? Are there specific wiring configurations for specific Leslie models?


Sometimes things look right enough to confuse the dickens out of me......gosh its tough getting old.



1956 Hammond C3 with Leslie 122, Roland V-Combo, Trek II Preamp, Peavey KB 100, 1976 Natural Maple Rickenbacker 4001S bass

And yes folks, I do gig with a Casio WK 3700...So there!


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Q: When is a 6 pin connector not a 6 pin connector?


A: When it's a 6 pin connector!


Unfortunately, the two most popular leslie types both use 6 pin connectors, and the signals are incompatible with each other.


The 147 type amp sends switched AC down the line to control the motors and has an unbalanced input signal. The 122 has a balanced input signal and a DC leslie signal riding on the input.


The 147 types were not designed to connect to Hammonds, they were for other organ brands.


The 122 types were meant to connect to the balanced output of a Hammond console preamp.




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True story:


I rented my B3 to a club in Ann Arbor for Joey DeFrancesco to play way back when. I live an hour away from Ann Arbor, and I had a gig that night in my hometown, so I went to the club early in the day to load the organ in and set it up.


Well, unbeknownst to me, the club had a Dixieland band playing the Happy Hour. So I couldn't set up my rig because there was no space on stage.


My B3 has four outputs on it. A 5-pin for a Hammond cabinet, a 6-pin for a 147, a 6-pin for a modified 122 (modified switching circuit on the motors) and a 6-pin for a regular 122.


Having not rented my B3 before, and assuming I would be able to set it up, I did not have any of the outputs labeled.


You can see where this is going: I leave instructions for Joey on which output to use. He must not have read them because that night, as I'm setting up for my gig, I get a frantic call from the club owner. "The Leslie doesn't work! The Leslie doesn't work!"


Joey plugged the 122 Leslie into the 147 output on the organ, which sent 120volts down the switching line and absolutely FRIED the relay. So no motor control. Thankfully that's the only damage it did.


Joey turned the organ off quickly, tried another output on the organ, and then very wisely took a power strip and plugged the fast motors of the 122 into it, set it on the bench, and used the strip's on/off switch to switch the Leslie speed. He's probably run into that sort of thing before.


Moral of the story: Label your shit. And don't plug a 6-pin Leslie into a 6-pin output without doing research first! :D

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