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ES4 wave rom


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Originally posted by CrazyKeys:

Email to kawai...


from ME :


Hi. i have an Mp4.. and i want to know some specification about the sound..


1 - Is the piano multi-strike sampled? ( diferent samples on

different pressure) how many layers ?

2 - is ths piano sound 88 samples or it shares samples between keys?

3 - whats the total ROM size and the main piano size?


Reply from kawai :


"1. The MP4 is working different compared with other distributors. You don't

have only a few layers. The Kawai-System is very complex. You won't hear the layer-steps!!

2. Not every note is sampled. Some are calculated.

3. We do not have that kind of figure. The bigger the Rom-size doesn't say

anything about the sound quality!"

BTW... Kawai apparently doesn't use a "Wave ROM" as such but Kawai's "Harmonic Imaging" technology. More discussion in the above thread, and some marketing blurb on Kawai's site:



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