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How to assign pitchbend to aftertouch on Xp-30 ?


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I would like to assign a pich-band effect to one of patches on my XP-30. Basically, I would like to hear a gentle pitch modulation once I press a key harder.


I never editied patches on Xp-30 so I would appreciate if someone could help me here.


Thank you !


Nord Electro 3, Motif ES-6
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Originally posted by Andre Lower:

Originally posted by denistu:

...I would like to hear a gentle pitch modulation once I press a key harder...


Hi Denis, welcome to the forum.


Based on your description of your goal, it looks like assigning an LFO to modulate the pitch (and then assigning the LFO rate to Aftertouch) should be your target:


In Patch mode, go to EDIT/LFO and play a little with the variables. If that does not work, you can try the User Manual. Do not expect much from the manual though, it is written in "Rolish" :rolleyes: ...

"I'm ready to sing to the world. If you back me up". (Lennon to his bandmates, in an inspired definition of what it's all about).
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I could think of two things you might want to do. Both of them are done in the same place: The Patch Control menu.


So do you want ...

a) the pitch to go up or go down when you depress the keyboard? Or

b) do you want vibrato ( the pitch alternatively going up and down under control of the LFO)?


If aftertouch is routed to one of the system controllers (just press the keyboard and see if it's doing something in the patch). Then find that controller in the Patch control menu. Route it to PITCH if you want up/down. A vlue of +63 sends it up an octave, -63 is down an octave, + two semitones are about +24 if I recall correctly.

PL1 (or PL2) if you want vibrato from either LFO. Typically values of about +10 are fairly musical.


I am not sure how much you know of the control matrix, and I am a lousy writer, so let me know if this is as clear as mud. I'll try to clear it up for you. Best,



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My JV-1080 (which has the same OS) is at the club right now, so this is off my head. But it should go like this I think.


Get your patch up and enter edit mode.


Press "control" and using the down cursor go to the bottom of the group.


Select "aftertouch" as one of the sources, "pch" as a destination, and enter an amount, adjusting to taste. You'll need to do this for all active tones. Pressing the palette key brings them up all together.

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yep, it worked !


I used one of the "sys_controllers" that was already linked to "aftertouch". Then, as you guys suggested, I assigned "pch" to it and was able to get what I was looking for.


Thanks guys !


Nord Electro 3, Motif ES-6
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