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An acoustic guitar amp for keys & guitar?

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I play keyboards, piano and I'm starting to learn guitar. I like mostly classic rock and pop. I own a Fantom X8, an Espana classical acoustic-electric and an Epiphone Les Paul Standard. I've got gas for an amplifier. What are your thoughts on using the

Behringer ULTRACOUSTIC ACX900 for acoustic guitar amplification as well as stereo (or mono) keyboard amplification and electric guitar amplification?



I figure I could use the various guitar amplifier modeling effects in my X8 to make this amp sound somewhat like a traditional guitar amp when I'm playing my Les Paul.


This amp has two 8" speakers and is a true two-channel amplifier so I think it could handle stereo signals although the spread would be severly limited.


I think it would be fun to pump all of the Fantom's effects out of this amp however.


What do you think?

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sounds cool. i like all those eq bands too. the only thing that might sound bad is the bass on your fantom. the high end will probably sound great, but if you bring in some low organ and synths it could drive the speakers too much, even to maybe the point where they blow. I play keys through a guitar amp, mainly for the tubes, and bass sounds great. I did replace the speakers though with some more hi fi sounding ones that have a lower bottom end and can take a beating, and you might want to do that with this. It all depends on the amp though, this may sound great on the bottom end; I don't know too much about acoustic amps. The only other thing is that behringer dosen't have the greatest reputation for quality gear, but if it sounds fine and feels sturdy don't let that hold you back! :thu:
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Hehe, Behringer gets quite thrashed up a lot on the forums, despite I think they're starting to make some nice products. I ordered a K900 FX, and I hope it's going to be good.


If you're going to order one, make sure you have some type of warranty on it, or you've tried it out to see you like the sound.

Casio WK 3200: $250.00

Behringer Ultratone FX900: $180.00

Roadrunner bag: $40.00

Intrument cable: $25.00

Radioshack Stand: $10.00

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Conventional wisdom is that guitar through a keyboard amp is better than keyboards through a guitar amp... unless you are doing it for effect.


I play keys live in a cover band, and use a Hartke KM200. My Ovation and Telecaster (through a POD XT Live) sound pretty good through that when I'm called on to do guitar duty (maybe 10% of our material). Using Input 4 of the Hartke, the amp is my guitar and keys "monitor" while FOH hears my guitar via a DI, and the amp's line output is my keyboard submix.


Lots of better keyboard amps have that feature (an input channel that can be switched off the mix output buss).


Buy once, cry once... though depending on your situation the $450 Hartke might be considered a bargain for what it does. The ACX900 above is about $240.


And yes, you will want an amp modeller for your electric guitar if you are not using an electric guitar amp.

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If you are in SoCal you may want to Check out a Carvin AG100D. It's a 100w acoustic gtr amp that has a vocal mic input and a bass channel. My guitarist friend had one and I used it with my Roland synth. I thought it sounded great. It has different EQs per channel and some FX too.

Even so, I agree a keyboard amp with a guitar modeler is probably better. I used to bring just a Strat, an XP30, a Korg X1000g and a KC500 to all my cover band gigs.

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