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Hiromi at Jazz Factory Louiville


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Gig Report:


Great show. Tony Grey, and drummer, Martin Valihora, were there. Also, for the first time on a gig, Dave Fiuczynski on guitar (double-neck 6 fretless, 6 fretted). It gave them a much bigger, more complex sound, and I liked it. He had a stomp-box setup that sometimes sounded like a Hammond, sometimes like a synth. Very talented guy and he mixed in very well. Everybody seemed cool with each other. The performance was less focused on her, more on the music and the the whole band. I liked that.


Thank goodness they got RoKFWC out of the way first. The fast fingers are great, but I like the expressive stuff much better, and there was plenty. The four of them were really tuned in, playing off each other. A new (I think) piece called Time Travel sounded like something from Herbie Hancock or Miles' Bitches Brew. She stores a lot of jazz history in those dainty fingers.


One of the band members mentioned that they're trying to get her to lighten up a little. I guess she's really intense. Sadly, only about 30 people stuck around for the second set. I guess she's not very well known in Louisville. However, that meant I got a front-row seat right in front of her, the Yammy, and the Korgs. She was complimentary that we were a "warm" audience. She kept thanking us for coming - I kept thanking her for coming.


They're going to record another CD in Nashville (Telarc again?) that will be released in March. I think Fiuczynski will be on it. Based on what I heard last night I think it will be very good.


I was smiling through the whole thing.

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Originally posted by wake:

However, that meant I got a front-row seat right in front of her, the Yammy, and the Korgs.

Thanks for the into. I saw a video of her with a grand piano and a Nord Lead 3. Has she changed her setup?



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