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big favor...PC2r choir samples?


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I know it is a big thing to ask but:

- in Brazil we have almost zero acess to kurzweil new products...

- I'm planning to buy a new PC2R with the orchestral expansion installed and I need to hear the choir sounds from it...

- I will order this gear from USA so I will not have the chance to test the sounds, I know very well Kurzweil's piano and strings but I am not sure about the choir sounds in the orch exp.


Kurzweil don't have this samples in their HomePage so I'm asking any PC2 with the orch. exp. owner to help me with this one.


Thank you very much!

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I've never posted an attachment so not sure how -- would have to be mp3 and a tiny snippet I guess. The choirs are Take6 gospel and jazz vocals as I recall, with a much smaller set for classical type work.

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Originally posted by Mark Schmieder:

I've never posted an attachment so not sure how

You can't attach a file to a post; you can link to a file elsewhere on the web. There are plenty of file hosting places that can serve... do a Google search for "file hosting" for some options. :thu:
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There you go :

Click here


I used the Kurzweil choir layered with another sound to give you an idea how it can appear in a mix. It gives a more realistic view this way of what you can do than to simply play a few chords with the choir alone.


My apologies to Ennio Morricone. :D

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With the orchestral expansion ROM, you have ensemble strings, solo violin, solo viola, solo cello, solo double bass and pizzicato bass samples. All samples are without vibrato, it's just a matter of programming the effect or not.


If you would prefer some existing string patches or set-ups without vibrato, it's relatively easy to reprogram to your taste. :)

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