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(OT) Do you do video?


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Do you do anything with video?


I've been thinking of doing some video work on the computer. Basically burning dvd's, creating media files for distribution on the internet, etc.


I am thinking of it more as a photojournalist/have camera will travel/candid camera sort of low gloss thing. A laptop would be great.


What sort of computer would I need to do this simply? And what sort of software? What camera? What hardware interface? I don't want to spend years in a learning curve. If I could get an audio and video laptop in one, that would be a bonus of course.


I use PC's and I have Pro Tools LE. Will one of the new macs be easier to use than an equivalent PC laptop? Any secondary information sources I should go to? A community?


Any of you guys doing this sort of thing? Thanks in advance,



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I actually use a video camera to shoot videos, edit them and sometimes put music to them. There a decent amount of software you can use and alot of it depends on what your going to do.

Here's a list of different software titles you can check out.



Pinnacle Studio Version



Ulead VideoStudio

video deLuxe




Adobe Premiere

Ulead Media Studio Pro


As for a camera I would suggest:


Sony DCR-VX2100 3CCD MiniDV

Panasonic Pro AG-DVC60 3CCD MiniDV


Both are pricey but are very good cameras.


For computer you will need something similar to a high end gaming machine. Fast procesor, very big hard drive for storage, get the best video card you can, and of course a decent sound card.


You may want to do a search on videography to see if you can find a forum or information beneficial to you. Hope my info helps a little and good luck to you.

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I do small stuff, like movies and photos of the grandkids and make movies and add music. They look great, if I do say so myself and I just use the software that came on my G5. Nothing extra. I might kick it up and get final cut pro 5, one of these days. To answer your question...everything is easier/better on a mac, IMO. I'm not throwin' rocks here. I've got a couple of each. I wanna get a macbook pro and Aperture for my photo monkey. I bought a canon 5d a couple months ago and I'm jonesin' again.
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I'm a professional cameraman and until recently I've never been tempted to own a video camera. I think the Panasonic DV100 and Final Cut Pro are the way to go if you're moderately serious. I'm a PC user but step up to the Mac for video (and it probably wouldn't hurt for your Pro Tools either)
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Cool. Thanks guys. I'll check out the hardware and software you mentioned. I am excited about going mac again. I used to have a powerbook.


So, will I need a MacbookPro or will a Macbook do the trick? They both look low on RAM. Do you just buy extra RAM and pop it in like a PC?


I imagine a macbook would do audio, but I imagine video is considerably bigger. I am not trying assemble movies. More like 5-7 minute clips.


Good point on finding a community. I'll look around. Thanks again,



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