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Stick-on labels


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Go to your local Office DepotMax, they have peel-off labels of all sizes. If you're neat/anal like me, you can even put them in a typewriter for legibility before applying. I have all my mixer inputs marked this way, MIDI ports, whatever you want. They do fall off after a couple years, but don't leave a residue and just add some more (I'm still using my original box, will probably last my lifetime).


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Originally posted by Clavinovaguyusa:

Does anyone make stick-on label strips for keyboards that have the typical percussion instruments printed on them? Keyboards in question for: Roland Fantom and Roland G-70. Following the midi standards, I would guess the strips could work on most GM boards.

You can make your own with one of these . This thing comes in handy for a lot of different things. I have put these labels on that magnetic refrigerator magnet material, and used them to label temporary mixer inputs (only works for metal-bodied devices, of course).


- Bob

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