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using on-stage monitor / keyboard amps with tubes capable of handling vocals/samples


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I've been looking in to purchasing a keyboard amp for my synths and sampler which triggers layered vocals among other effects. I'm kind of at a cross roads though as I would mainly be using the amp as a monitor with directs outs from it to the PA so I'm not sure if I should just get some in ear monitors instead. However, I like the idea of using an amp with tubes to warm up the sounds from my digital synths. It was also be good to have an amp for playing smaller venues so that I dont have to go through the PA especially if there is no PA available. Any suggestions on what would be my best option?
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I realise its a common topic on here and on the HC KSS forum, but my question is a little more specific as I'm mainly interested in amps which use tubes or valves for warming of the input signals. A few months back I was considering a tube pre-amp for this purpose however I also need on-stage monitoring so I figured an amp which could provide both would be ideal. Combine this with the need for something which will work with vocals / other samples and this makes my post a little different from the typical "what is the best amplifier" post...


With the above taken in to account, any advice would be greatly appreciated!! - thanks

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