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Nord Electro VS Kurzweil PC1se


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Hey everyone!

I could use some expert opinions here. I'm considering the above 2 boards; (I had owned the Nord before but sold it because I had a CX-3 and the other stuff in the Nord was redundant to my live setup).

OK - NOW---

Different story! I'm looking again for a lightweight solution for rehersals/easier gigs where I could leave my CX-3 and Yamaha P-250 at home.

SO -- I've narrowed it down to either (a) get another Electro or (b) a Kurzweil PC-1se.

What really appeals to me about the Kurzweil is the amount of sounds you're getting, while keeping to 76 notes AND within the same price range as the Nord.

I have yet to try a Kurzweil; hoping do do that in the next few days.

OK - opinions anyone? (I know the PC1se has no KB-3 mode, thats ok with me - I might still take the CX-3 for smaller gigs anyway). Other things like balanced outputs or fancy stuff that the PC-2 has really have no bearing on what this keyboard is for - I'm looking for relatively lightweight AND staying withing the budget of around $1600 - $1700.

Whatcha think??? :wave::wave::wave:


Nord Electro 5D, Modal Cobalt 8, Yamaha upright piano, numerous plug-ins...

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Let's start with the meat and potatoes stuff. I've never played a PC1se, but I'm assuming it has Kurzweil's triple-strike piano, which may make it the preferred board if you are more into piano. On the other hand, if you have a relatively larger need for organ, the Electro may be your best bet..... Even if the PC1se had the KB3 mode, this is not saying much; I've never been a fan of Kurzweil's organs. The Electro also offers killer Rhodes and Clav, but if the Classic Keys ROM for the Kurzweil is available for the PC1se, this may level the playing field, at least in the Rhodes department. Now, the PC1se offers a much broader sound set, so it may boil down to this: Piano and extra sounds (i.e. Kurzweil) versus organ, Rhodes, and Clav (i.e., Electro). Considering the type of music you intend to play with your new keyboard would certainly assist with your decision...... Incidentally, what type of music do you play?

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

- George Bernard Shaw


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If you're keen on keeping the CX-3 and don't mind taking that along to your lightweight gigs, then I'll say the PC1se would be an awesome partner for it. That's the exact combination I've been pondering seriously about as well.


The advantages of the PC1se over the Electro:

- Better acoustic piano

- Fully weighted action

- Additional vintage Mellotron, Pianet, ARP, RMI sounds

- Orchestral sounds

- It's black


The advantages of the Electro over the PC1se:

- The onboard Hammond clone

- Waterfall semi-weighted keyboard

- It's red


Now, since you already have an organ keyboard in the CX-3, I think you'd really benefit from partnering that with the weighted/piano keys on the PC1se, and still have debatably good Rhodes/Wurlies as the Electro, with all the extra stuff mentioned above.


If however, you would like to consider having a single board with organs and pianos and leaving the CX-3 at home, then the Electro would be in consideration.


If I were you... since you've already had an Electro before, I'll be tempted to try something different, and go the PC1se. :)

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Hey guys,

A short update -

Today I tried a Kurzweil PC1x, then another Nord Electro and (for the 3rd time yet again!) the S90ES.

Hands down, the S90ES had the best sounding acoustic pianos and most responsive action. Its *other* sounds were really big and fat in true Yamaha style. (by contrast the *other* sounds in the Kurz seemed a little more detailed in general) - but no doubt about it, the Yammy's action was superior. So was its price tag (about $700 more). Weight about the same.

After playing the Electro again, I now realize why I sold it; it sounds great when I first start playing it but when I dig in, the dynamics just aint happening from that waterfall keyboard. (however it does feel excellent for organ). So I would have to bring a heavy weight keyboard to trigger the EP's from it. (bummer; kind of defeats the whole portability thing!) The PC1X was cool, but the EP's etc. fell short of detail compared to the S90ES or the Electro (though I still maintain the *other* sounds were quite detailed)....

OK - now I REALLY see the need to try the PC1se, because it has the Classic Keys ROM built in. If it plays as good as the Kurzweil demos sound I would pick it up in a minute; I don't really need the extra features which the more expensive, and bigger, PC2X has).

AGAIN -what appeals to me mostly is the 76 note sized "footprint" of the PC1se. The S90ES, while it sounds GREAT (by far the best overall if I had to pick one thing for sure), is a beast! Almost as wide as my P-250; this kinda defeats the purpose of an easier to move rig. (BTW, the two boards in question weigh approximately 49lbs each; though the Kurzweil is only 76 notes!)

In response to "what type of music do I do"?? Well, my music is a mixture of Progressive rock/fusion and classical; as well as Pop things when necessary.

One final things to confuse things even more -- I also played a Hammond XK-3. Really liked it! I wonder how that thing would be as a controller, for something like a Nord Electro rack! :D:D:D Maybe this is a subject for anther post! :wave:


Nord Electro 5D, Modal Cobalt 8, Yamaha upright piano, numerous plug-ins...

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Sounds like you're making good progress on your decision... do let us know when you try out the PC1se! I would like to hear some first hand impressions, especially comparing the Classic Keys-powered Rhodes/Wurlies + fully weighted keyboard, versus the Electro's.


And just because I like the brushed black metal of the PC1se, why not some pictures :)







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