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sampler advice - live


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Is there a way to trigger samples live and in time without playing to a click track/sequencer?


One of the bands I play with has a new CD being released in a couple of months and we've been rehearsing the new material to play live.


On a few of the songs there are samples. We haven't worried about the samples because they are not really important to the song as a whole.


But a couple of the guys think that it's important for the samples to be heard in concert like on the CD.


We don't want to play to a click track/sequencer - the music lends itself to jamming - not being jammed up with a fixed arrangement. But the samples have to be in time with the band.


So....isn't there some sort of device that you could tap in the tempo a couple of bars before and then trigger the sample to that tempo.


Or am I in the year 2025?? I'm not a gear head - just a simple caveman keyboard player. But there must be something like that?!


The drummer seems to think that a click track is the only way to do this. We really don't want to go there though.


any advice??

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