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Case for a CX3


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I bought one from Musician's Friend for my XB-2, and had to get one for a 76-key board. There are several good ones out there, but make sure you measure the CX3 before you order.

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I know price is probably an issue but I think you might ultimately be happier with a a hard case rather than bag. I carried a VK7 around in a good quality soft case but the wood sides still got beat up. A CX3 will have the same vunerability. When I bought my XK3 I swallowed hard and bought a Unitec hard case. I admit I got lucky because the company is headquartered near where I live so a "customized" case didn't take long. Still, it was 200 bucks well spent. Just another opinion.
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Thanks for the responses....I want a soft case with wheels as a CX3 would be very heavy in a hard case. I plan on taking it out very infrequently so I'm not that concerned with the extra protection a hard case offers. Anyone have a Gator GK61 for a CX3?...it seems to be a tight fit....maybe too tight.
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Originally posted by Nicky:

Can anyone reccomend a case for a CX3? I am looking for a soft bag type case with built in wheels. It seems to be a hard fit. Thanks!

I found a great case for my CX3 through this company:




They make very lightweight hardshell cases with wheels. The quality is reliable and the prices are good. I bought a second one for my Andromeda which is surprisingly almost exactly the same size as a CX3 (indendital depth, but the CX3 is a little wider). Prior to that I was using an Anvil case for both instruments which was really heavy and always results in overage charges on airplanes. The keyboardcases.com cases are about as light as an SKB case, and now I can take the CX3 and Andromeda on planes to Europe with each under the 70-lb. limit for checked baggage.


Definitely worth checking out!


Best regards,


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I also went with the Gator case for my CX-3 - they reccommend which one for the CX-3 on their website (Gator) and it is almost a perfect fit !! - actually not that heavy, has wheels and really protects the board ... I have tried soft wheeled cases in the past and have not been happy (handles usually break easily .. no real way to connect them strong enough to a soft body) - Good luck !!

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