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midi pieces


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I'm intent on running cubase SX3 on pc. I've bought an EMU 1820 audio interface comprising the 1010 PCI card, the 1820 Breakout box and EMUs Patchmix software, and want to plug in a controller board to get started. I also have an old Akai s1000 sampler and Alesis III microverb and two mics.Do I still need a midi interface, or is there some alternative?

Also, what is a suitable alternative to the controller board if I spend a bit more on a keyboard that has some of its own sounds? I'd limit myself to £300. Like the look of the KOrg Kontrol 49. Is it any good?

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Doh! I found the answer to the first half of my question simply by looking at the spec of the EMU! The second half of the question still stands, though. ANother 'which keyboard' question. Main uses - i want to use the keyboard in conjunction with the sampler to create vocal sounds in chord form and different pitches. I also want a clean piano sound that can aid people in choirs to sing in key.
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