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I Will Kill The Next Person Who Post A Topic About Bush!

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[quote]Originally posted by TinderArts: [b]I wouldn't worry about [b] [url=http://www.bush-music.com/tourdates.php]Bush[/url] [/b]. Doesn't look like anything is goping to happen until May 2004. Plenty of time for inspections.[/b][/quote]:thu: :D :thu: :D :thu: :D
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Well, i agree w/ TheWewus(cept the kill,part) but political threads are turning kinda nasty(reminds me of the good ol mac vs pc wars).Instead lets all discuss the the big 3-Music,Nachos, and beer. peace
I cannot be bought, and I cannot be threatened. But if you put them both together then I'm your man!"
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