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Question for those of you who also sing....


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... what is in your rack for vocal effects?


I'm in a situation where I'm going to have to buy an effects processor to run my vocals through that will need to be controlled by me and not through the console. I have this idea that I will need a rack now that has a delay and a reverb, chorus or whatever other effects I might want. Or, have like a microverb "tabletop" effects with a small mixing board that is on the floor beside me. The only problem there is, I don't want to be bending over all the time adjusting the controls.


What do you recommend?


Thanks in advance,



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I currently use a TC Helicon Voice Live, but now realize I would have been just fine buying a TC Helicon VoiceWorks instead.


The VoiceWorks is 200 bucks cheaper, perfect for rack mounting and has exactly the same features as the VoiceLive minus the footswitches ( :P duh...) and the independent instrument channel (which I do not need anyway).


BTW, there's no chorus, etc. on it. It gives you a decent pre-amp (crucial on a live setting), compression, EQ, Reverb and Delay, as well as up to 4 harmony voices and a pitch corrector. The last one, used judiciously, is perfect for stabilizing your tuning after 3 or 4 hours singing late at night.


As for your fears of having to bend over to control your vocal EFX all the time, I can tell you that the MIDI implementation on both models is quite good and you should not have problems controlling it from your main keyboard.


Be aware that there's a learning curve to face if you intend to get all the goodies to work for you. It's definitely not a "plug&play" processor, and I had to learn a lot about live audio in general before I got to understand what could be done with my VL. Not that I'm complaining, it was about time :rolleyes:

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I use a TC Electronics M300 reverb and a compressor/gate. The gate is real useful for piano players. The M300 can be set up with compressor and reverb (or chorus and reverb)


But these units look real nice. TC Electronics makes really nice stuff - I don't think you can go wrong.


If using independent units, never put a compressor after the reverb - it sounds weird when the compressor releases in the middle of a reverb tail, and don't put a compressor behind your vocal/instrument mix (ie on the output of your mixer) - playing notes will modulate your vocal level.

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