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Mystery Piano


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Back in the early 1970's I had a portable piano that looked like a tiny spinet.

It had a steel frame, no soundboard, strings, a pickup bar like an electric guitar, plastic keys, (76, I think), permanently mounted wheels, and was made for gigging. It was not light, but a lot lighter than a regular piano.

The top and frontpiece lifted off as a unit, like a hat.

I think it was made in Belguim.

Does anyone know what this is? I am just getting nostaligic...sold it a long time ago.

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I played a Kawai a couple times. As I recall, it was one piece, but that one piece tilted up for movement. It was mounted on a framework that included the wheels. Never saw inside of one, it was just at a club I jammed at a few times.


Had a very similar tone to the CP70B, and was a direct competition for it. One dumb thing they did, though. They put the volume and tone controls at the RIGHT hand, instead of the left like the Yamaha.

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Similar in idea to the CP60, but the case was made of pressboard (sawdust chips glued) covered with wood-like veneer, like the cheap bookcases and computer desks sold today. Volume and Tone contol on the left end of keys.

thanks for all the ideas so far.

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