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korg sp-250 , difficulty in pianissimo


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Hi , I recently began to use korg sp-250 and alomost satisfied with its sound and touch. But I'm experiencing a difficulty in pianissimo of D2 and E2. Especially D2.


When I press down those keys pianissimo , it seems that those keys are pressed down twice. They are pressed down softly ,too much rebounded , pressed down again and sound silenced by second touch.


I haven't experienced with the other keys , the others are pressed and rebound perfectly in pianissimo.


As I don't know whether this caused by my noob skills lol , so I would like to hear users voice(help?) before judging this as a problem.



Thanks in advance

moog(sorry my english is collapsed;;; :freak: )

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Thank you for kind welcome message and advises. I touched same keyboard in several stores practically they are all same feeling with all keys. I thought this keyboard is tuned good not only for slow passage but also fast ones. So the keys are smoothly well rebounding.


After I was used to this keyboard there seems to be no problem with playing.


If I have another report , I'll post them here again.


Thanks. :thu:

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