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Yamaha YPG-625 Vs Casio PX-310


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SO I narrowed down to these two.

I can get the Yamaha for $650 and Casio for $500 out the door. Yamaha comes with stand but casio does not so that would count for some of the difference in price.


My wife and I went to the Guitar Center and played both but still can not make up our mind. I need your opinions and experiences on these two Keyboard. Also, is the price I got good? if not can you recommend other online source?


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I plan to be comparing the YPG-625 and the Privia PX-575R in the December issue. We're doing a roundup of (ostensibly) home-oriented keyboards.


The prices you got sound very good to me.

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I say go with the Yamaha ... not because I dislike the Casio, but to my ears the sounds are better. YMMV - Your mileage may vary. It really is a personal decision when it comes right down to it. If all other matters (specs, feel, etc.) being equal, ask yourself this: "Which one inspires me the most to wanna play?", My Yamaha is the older model of the YPG and has many many more sounds in it than the PX-310 does, so for me it was more bang for the buck. The new YPG has a weighted action keybed that mine does not have. More of a true piano feel if you ask me. What feels good to you may not feel good to me. What sounds good to you may be mediocre to me. But you asked for opinions ... so if it were me, and being as I had to make a similar comparison back years ago between mine and a WT-3700(?), I chose Yamaha then and I would again today.

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