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Chester Thompson on Keyboard TV!!!!!


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Yes, it's cool. I hope they keep it up and remind us too. Or provide an RSS feed.

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Yep, that file was mis-labelled for some reason. I'm working on gettint TrueFire, our streaming content partner, to correct it.

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Originally posted by mate_stubb:

Anybody else think the tone of the real Hammond KILLED over the XK-3?

The recording of the B3 probably isn't very accurate either, but that XK-3 doesn't sound like mine. The low notes were pretty muddy and I didn't hear much motion when he played the lower manual low notes toward the end. It would be nice to know what amp/Leslie was used and how it was recorded. Maybe all will be made clear in the next issue of Keyboard.
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I agree that the Chester Thompson stuff on keyboardmag.tv is great, and I am loathe to criticize what I view as a tremendous idea and offering from Ernie Rideout and friends, but . . .


Is everyone else getting the same over-compressed video that I'm seeing (and I'm not just talking about the Chester Thompson clips)? I mean, what's the point of having close-ups of a guy's hands on the keyboard if the video is so compressed you can't even see what's going on?


I'm hoping that this is a temporary issue, but, once the initial novelty wears off, I may not be going back to "Keyboard TV" very often if the quality of its video offerings doesn't improve. It's not 1999 any more; people's expectations for the quality of online video have gone up.



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It seems to change for some reason. Sometimes it will display some thing like "Playing for bandwidth 1173 kbps" under the progress bar. Other times it will show "Playing for bandwidth 183 kbps". When the number is low the video gets choppy.
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