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Nominations for New Orleans Superdome music

Chris Link

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What's up with Green Day (Bay area) and Bono (Ireland) as musical acts for tonight's Monday night football? It's not like there's any shortage of homegrown talent to welcome the Saints back for their first home game. My personal list:


The Neville Brothers

Dirty Dozens Brass band

The entire Marsalis clan

Jon Cleary

Dr John

Preservation Hall Band


They did have a brass band behind Green Day, totally unmiked so they must have been for appearances only. They totally missed a great opportunity to showcase some great musicians and show some folks what N.O. music really is.


Edit: My wife thought of Al Hirt, but then asked "He's still alive isn't he?"




Sorry, honey.


BONUS CONTEST: Name the movie with the line-


"No sir, -------- no longer dines here. He's dead, sir."


This is really too easy.

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Originally posted by latchmo:

nothing against the bands that played but that is:


tasteless :( disgraceful :eek: inappropriate :confused:


Talk about ungrateful :confused:


Maybe The Edge should take back all of those instruments he helped buy for all of the musicians who lost out during Katrina.


Guess being a good humanitarian doesn't count for anything these days.


A Lifetime of Peace, Love and Protest Music


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I agree with the above and would further suggest that Allen Toussaint be invited to play. All of New Orleans music in one package IMO. Also, the answer to the movie question is as follows "No sir, Mayor Daley no longer dines here. He's dead sir." Spoken by Alan Rubin, Mr. Fabulous in "The Blues Brothers."
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