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Glissandos and . . . . .


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. . . weighted keys or piano don't mix. :D


Well, they do aurally, of course. Especially in rockandroll. But not so much digitally. ;)


I mean, did Jerry Lee Lewis's hands look like this? -




I need to invest in an un-weighted action keyboard. Especially for playing organ patches.



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Originally posted by Botch:

God made a piano's action heavy so players wouldn't overuse the glissando. :P

Absolutely right..!! :D


Also, ever tried to gliss on a real grand? If you don't know what you're doing, you risk to really hurt yourself!


However, glissandos on Hammond don't sound nearly as corny as on piano. :) In fact, while I can play lead synth, pipe organ, or just any other keyboard style on weighted keys, the only thing that I find close to impossible is Hammond-style playing. I need unweighted keys for that.

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Anyone seen the notation Chrod Gliss?


I was just trying to get to grips with a bit of this piece that I'm struggling with All the Things You Are. It contains this notation that's new to me chord gliss.

Its in this music book:


and one can hear the piece on CD, as its transcribed from the Tatum Pablo Solo Masterpieces, disc 3 , number 5.


The chord is written as five notes, top C (C7), B below, Ab below, F# below, and E below and runs as a glissando (annotated by a solid line) down to a left hand octave on Ab2/Ab1.

So, to sort of repeat but hopefully clarify, directly after the chord (annotated as lasting 2.5 beats) is written in italics "chord gliss" and a solid straight line angled downwards left to right to the next bar where the line ends above the low Ab octave played by the left hand(on the first beat of the next bar).


Although the written notation says chord gliss, it sounds like a chromatic glissando played on both black and white keys.

Its definitely not played as a chord, its a glissando. But how?



Also on youtube until recently was a video of Art Tatum playing Yesterdays, where he does a similar glissando (was at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uzj6Q61h3oA)

He seems to use his fourth and fifth fingers on the whites, his second and third on the blacks, and possibly his thumb on a lower white.


Any comments? I cannot do a chord/chromatic glissando or whatever it actually is, but any help on acquiring the technique or clarifying what Tatum actually played would be much appreciated.





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Waterfall keys on unweighted keys keyboards! Whoo Hoo!


Actually though, in listening to a live recording of the band taken last month, I noticed I was using the Glissando a bit too much on one song. Need to stop that. Fortunately it was a song we don't normally play that was requested so we did it. Even so, too much of that is bad.

Steve (Stevie Ray)

"Do the chickens have large talons?"

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We're doing One After 9:09 and Long Live Rock. Glisses out the a**! :) I might throw one in during Whiskey Rock-a-Roller, but that's it. For the Beatles and Who tunes, people expect them so I have no choice. Generally, on "acoustic" piano tunes I don't do them, but on organ I'm glissing like nobody's business!




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I started getting bloody cuticles playing hammond on a weighted keyboard. I changed to using more left-hand palm swipes and foregoing the fingertip gliss. You get your choice: multiple keyboards or compromise style. For me, it wasn't that big a style compromise, and if I get another keyboard, it'll be another weighted so that I can leave one set up at home all the time. So that means I'd need a third keyboard to get one with unweighted keys.


For piano glisses, I use my thumb going up and fingers going down; no problem. I can't imagine trying to do a chord gliss, but then I ain't no Art Tatum or Fats Waller. Better luck next life! ;)

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Well, this thread settled it.


I'm buying an Alesis QS7 tonight. I found a good deal on Craigslist.


I know most people look down on the Alesis. But I already have a QS8, and with the Qcards, I can take all the patches I've saved for my cover band, and easily transfer them between boards.


Plus I won't have to lug around that damn anchor of a keyboard anymore.



Amateur Hack
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