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Question about credits


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No not the star wars universe credits, the credits on an album. I'm creating an album, which at this point is for someone specific and not for sale. Lets take this in a different direction and say it was for sale. I come onto these forums and ask ideas from the other forum members. I use some of the ideas on my upcoming album. How is it appropriate to give credit/thanks? Should I list the individuals whose ideas I specifically used or should I just mention the forum as a whole? Anyone else have this happen? If yes how did you deal with it?

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I did a home-brew CD with a nice little 8-page insert, with full credits, lyrics, etc. Now, whenever I "manufacture" a batch of CDs, I spend most of my time (and money) printing, cutting, folding, and stapling the damn insert. (Printer ink is by far my biggest expense per CD!)


(I'm using slim jewel cases, so there's only the front cover insert.)


Next time I'll just make an easy insert: printing on one side of the paper only, which I'll fold over once. There will be a prominent link to my website for further information.


Most people don't bother pulling the booklet out. Many never even notice that there's anything to pull out.


Early albums had almost no credits, or very sloppy ones. The habit these days is to attribute every musician and author on each song, and I really appreciate that. Even then it's often hard to tell who did what, for example when there are two guitarists. So don't fuss too much, just list all the contributors.


And for folks who offered ideas, I think including them in the "special thanks to ..." paragraph is more than most expect. But very nice to do. (JUST for the record, no need to thank me for my input on cover design!)


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