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Nord stage compact V stage 88


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I have owned an electro and currently own a Stage 76.


I thought long and hard about which of the 3 stage models to get. In the end, the truth is that you can't really play serious piano on the waterfall keyboard of the stage compact or electro, and you also can't play serious organ on the weighted Stage 76 or 88.


So, how to decide? Most people call themselves primarily piano players or organ players. If that describes you, then you should buy the Stage with the action that fits you.


I on the other hand grew up playing classical piano, then completely quit and played Hammond almost exclusively for many years. So I am torn. I finally decided that since I need both, that I will never be satisfied on a gig without 2 boards, one waterfall for organ and one weighted hammers for piano.


Since Clavia spent a lot of time matching the piano sound to their weighted action, that's what I bought. I can midi in an external keyboard for organ, and not have to worry about the dynamics matching up.


That tiny 21 pound package is awfully seductive though. You could always get that, and midi in an external weighted hammer action to play the pianos too. Lots of choices!



"I keep wanting to like it's sound, but every demo seems to demonstrate that it has the earth-shaking punch and peerless sonics of the Roland Gaia. " - Tusker


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thanks Moe! You have really understood my dilemma. As I have a weighted keyboard I could midi in if I am too dissatisfied with the piano action, I think you have decided me on the compact. I am happier playing piano than organs or synths ...perhaps this is the way to get more versatile? I am so tempted by an underarm lug after years of Rhodes and wurlies; even my trusty technics P30 is feeling heavy these days.
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I recently upgraded from an Electro 73 to a Stage 76. I had the same dilema. I realy liked the Electro for it's low weight. In the end I spend a few hours in the music shop to compare the keyboards on both. My conclusion was that I felt more comfortable with the Stage. It's still smaller than an 88-key masterkeyboard. But in a flightcase I have to carry twice the weigth to gigs.
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Hey John,


I'm at exactly the same position you're in at the moment - wanting a lightweight, all-in-one keyboard for gigs.


The Nord Stage family looks very enticing (except no brass/other "real" sounds). To decide you've got to ask yourself a few questions:


1. Do you mind playing piano live on unweighted keys? (I personally mind in the studio, but live - not so much)


2. Will you be supplementing it with another keyboard live? (kinda defeats its purpose though)


I like the idea of having to carry *just* the compact to small gigs. Since bigger gigs usually mean 2 keyboards, one of which will be weighted, I'm currently leaning towards the electro.


I can't say how sick & tired I am of carrying a lot of weight to rehearsals. I think keyboard players get screwed the most weight-wise. So with me, weight IS a big issue - a really big one.


One more thing - the stage 76/88 use FATAR keybeds, which have some quirks (such as "clicking" sounds that appear after a while on some of the keys with some people - I've had a similar thing with a FATAR SL880-PRO I've owned once). This is another thing that makes me reluctant to get one.

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I guess a lot of people have had this expernce: I did a private party couple of weeks ago and when I showed up at the hall it was up a flight of stairs. The next day my back was killing me.


I have been giggin with a Kurz PC2 - it is a semiweighed action - not as expressive as a fully weighed action but I really don't miss the fully weighed at a gig.

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I bought the NS88, simply because at the time that was the only available model. However, if I were in the market today for this board it'd be a toss up between the 88 and the 76. To me the 88 has one advantage, you can actually split it up and play a lead instrument and an accompaniement instrument and not have to bring a second board, or run out of octaves.


For now, this is a non issue for me, as I need the full 88 keys on the lower keyboard and a second keyboard to trigger the organs and play synth from.


Moe's analysis of the matter is dead on. It really depends on whether the Organ sounds are primary to your playing or if the Pianos-EPs are the primary instrument. To me it's the latter, so the compact would not really be an option unless I midi'd it to a controller, which is OK. But, the NS76 and NS88 are so light compared to other weighted boards it makes no sense to use the compact and then lug a heavy weighted controller.



Gear: Yamaha MODX8, Mojo 61, NS2 73, C. Bechstein baby grand.

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I couldn't make up my mind either. I had the 76 for a while, but returned it. Got an 88, was defective, they gave me their 88 demo to use until mine came in (changed my mind again, ordered the 76). I ended up keeping the 88. It's only slightly larger than the 76, and only 4lbs different than the 76.
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I went with the 76.


Love the portability.

I'm just a converted guitar player but I like the keyboard feel.I enjoy playing the Organ and Pianos on it...Seems a good compromise.But I'm no Rick Wakeman


I've developed a few clunking keys but I think it's where the top panel is flexing.


A little tug on the top panel seemed to fix mine...so I hope this a minor issue.

Smell the Magic


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Since I last posted I actually went out and bought the Compact, choosing it over the 88, and after a few days of late nights in headphones am very happy with the decision. The compact's keyboard isn't fully-weighted, but seems much firmer than the tinny feeling Electro 61 board I played in the shop. It's got all the advantages for organs/synths that Moe mentioned, and the dynamics parameter for eps and pianos makes the board pretty satisfying to play for these instruments (I like hard quick velocity response for eps/clav and softer with more head room for pianos, which the compact allows you to set). 73 notes is usually enough for me to get by, but I might have a regret or two when I get on top of the keyboard split function and am reaching for notes that aren't there.


The weight though ...i think i can get my lug down to one trip! Will buy a double DI and beg for two lines and a wedge from the sound guy. A downside of the light weight ...I'm a bit worried about theft at gigs ...always felt pretty Ok to leave the RHodes standing against a wall while I had that well-earned drink. The compact will make me feel as nervous as a guitarist with a vintage strat. I'll have to drink chasers! Anyone got any good ideas for protecting gear at gigs?


One tiny gripe: there's not enough memory to update the Yamaha C7 sound to the new optional luxury C7 version without sacrificing the Steinway Grand ie the Type 2 Grand instrument. What would be the effect upon the factory preset sounds that use the Steinway Grand if I were to delete it ...and would I strike other memory problems or glitches by using the monster yammy grand?


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