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Slightly OT: Chick Corea and Gary Burton in Hawaii


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Just Last saturday I had the privilege of seeing Chick and Gary live at a local theater. It was just the two of them playing stuff from their albums like crystal silence and the like.

Gary was simply amazing! I knew he was a killer Vibes player, but boy he was sure ripping that night! Chick was also very good. But he seemed to be holding back. His solos sounded a little empty compared to Gary's furry of melodic mastery. The music was mostly written by Chick, and it was that which impressed me most about him.


They played 'No mystery', and I was amazed. Pity none of the CDs outside had the song or they would have had a sale.


All in all it was really great to be able to see two excellent musicians all the way in the middle of the pacific on our little island called, The Big Island.


Oh and some lady came out during the intermission and played this really nice piece called "Tu Ning". It was amazing the number of pitches she was able to get out of that Yamaha :D

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One of the best concerts I ever saw was CC and GB at Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor MI, back in the early 80's. Perfect venue for it, and while there were stacks of speakers at each edge of the stage, the sound people were smart enough to barely use them in such a lively hall. Seated dead center, I could clearly hear the instruments acoustically.


And man could those cats play! Brought tears to my eyes.


CC did a cool thing, too -- a lesson in polyrhythms. He divided the audience into 3 sections plus male vs. female, so 6 categories in all. Gave each category a fairly simple rhythm to clap, with enough practice time for each section and short review, and then started each section going one at a time. The result was incredible. (And the audience was actually up to the task!)

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Eh Brah! I didn't know Chick and Gary had a concert, was it for the Big Island only? Was it in Hilo or Kona? We didn't get any info here in Honolulu about this. Hmm...you guys seem to get some nice concerts there (like the Doobie Brothers).


The Big Island has a nice jazz festival in Honokaa, some really great players like Bud Shank, Tamir Handelman, Jeff Hamilton, Mike Wofford, and Gene Harris in past festivals.

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I saw Chick and Gary at the Berklee Performnce Center back when they were touring for the original "Duet" album. (It's out of print. An outstanding album, definitely worth looking into, if you can find a copy. Even better than the more recent "Native Sense".) The two of them together is absolute magic.
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