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Sonar and ASIO - No Cigar

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Just DL's and updated to Sonar 2.2 which adds ASIO driver support (sort of). Digi hardware owners (on a PC) can now use Sonar with that hardware - ASIO for non-Digi support is not promised... and does not work for me: at least not MOTU PCI-424 and not Apogee MiniMe. But as promised, my Mbox does show up - how thrilling ;) As expected, Nuendo, CubaseSx, and Wavelab can see and use any of the ASIO hardware I have - must be trickier than it looks :eek:

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Works with M-Audio,I'll try it with my RME on my other machine tommorow and my brothers Frontier.Didn't you post somewhere else that Samplitude 7.0 also didn't recognize the MOTU?Anyway,Cakewalk's a day ahead of schedule and this update includes unlimited plug-in amount amongst other updates.
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