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Andromeda - dead key/AT/switch - advice/who to call for spares?

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hi guys. i directed the question here as both A6 lists are opretty much DEAD lately. my andy has developed several issues over last 2 yrs, i just wasn't pressed to deal with it until now, so here it goes..


* my up/down switch and softbutton switches are sometimes having contact problems.. . as theres no sevice for andromeda in my country, i was wondering who at Alesis in CA would be the best to call for spares, or if anyone knows, is there a 3rd party making these, as they seem fairly common.. ?


while at it, i wouldn't mind buying a spare vco/vcf chip as well, as i heard some people did.. for future times.


* my AT stopped responding a while ago. :freak: i vaguely remember some talk about reseating some ribbon cables/connectors etc.. any advice on fixing this?


* a key is not working anymore. i presume opening, dusting, closing should do the trick.. since i never opened andromeda before - any pointers/precautions..?



dB, is Ben arround? :D




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Originally posted by clusterchord:

dB, is Ben arround? :D

Ben had very little to do with Andromeda.


Contact Julie Yarbrough. Julie was the project manager for Andromeda for a while. She may be able to help, or to steer you towards someone who can.


You can email Julie at jy@mok.com. Tell her I sent you.





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